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Submit Your Tracks for Airplay

*The Legal Stuff*

*By submitting content to be considered for Airplay you are agreeing that

The person submitting the content has the legal authority to do so*

*The following information is correct and you consent to Flobcast Radio
 Playing, Broadcasting, Transmitting this content at no cost to them now or
ever across all of it's networks as they shall see fit.*
*(We do not allow Listeners to download content from us)*

*The content being submitted is all original and unique*
*( It is not a cover, remix, and no content was "borrowed" without the
owners consent  in the creation of this content. )*



Your submitted track/s must be titled correctly. Song title - Artist/Band name - Album


No Spotify, soundcloud, reverbnation, blah blah blah links


We will accept We Transfer, Dropbox, Google drive and direct download links.

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attach your MP3's, Cover Art and Bios